Avant 118A

avant118aThe Avant 118A is a powered rear-loaded horn-bass subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Avant full-range cabinets.

A 1250 W Class D amplifier drives a D.A.S. 18LX log excursion bass loudspeaker. The 18LX loudspeaker incoporates a 4" voice coil for high power handling and output.

The Avant 118A incorporates a 1250 W Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPS) and digital signal processing (DSP).The amplifier has a unique EQ switch which allows the user to select a Deep subbass response or a Loud bass response. The system includes two balanced inputs with stereo filtered output connections for satellite systems. The variable crossover ranges from 100 Hz-160 Hz and can be defeated to offer stereo “loop thru” connections. A gain control and polarity reverse feature increase user control over the system.
  • Powered horn-bass subwoofer system
  • High output 18" loudspeaker
  • Polarity switch
  • Filtered ouput defeat switch
  • Variable 100 -160 Hz high-pass filter
  • Gain control


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