Business Interest

Importer and distributor of Professional Audio System, Acoustic Treament, Recording Equipment, Stage Lighting Systems, Stage Curtain, Truss System and LED Display Board.

Corporate Goal

To be major supplier in Professional Audio and Video equipment industry, majoring in system design, consultation and product sales.

Mission Statement

We, at Search Music takes personal approach of every aspect in fulfilling our clients’ best interest. Our past successful projects are based on the flow of Consultation, Design, Simulation, Supply, Installation T&C, Maintenance and Operations, ‘‘2 is better than 1’ approach gives us a better edge in materializing our client’s ideas, by fusing them with ours proven track-record projects and experiences, visualizing & conceptualizing them, hence, bringing them alive in the actual concrete structure.  These priorities mean, taking highly responsibility of all measures to create a perfect end result by collaborating with the following groups of professionals. Civil & Structural Engineers, Architect, Acoustic Engineers, AV Tech/Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Interior Designer.

Our Approach

In a lot of case, System Intergrator whom possesses technical knowledge actually does not often have enough requirement to visualize the real end result. Although they are being trained to specified products, they do not have the final touch of a real audio/visual engineer. Moreover, calling themselves, ‘consultant’! Therefore, we believe involvement from principal is crucial to enlighten and complete our customer’s requirements, a final-touch, as ‘they’ are the creator of their own range of products, be it audio, lighting or visual. Besides, we take this to another level of commitment by involving our customers, equipping them with theoretical and practical aspects:

  • We provide ‘Factory training’ by Qualified Principal Engineers
  • We provide ‘On-board’ / on Equipment Training. (A.V.L Customized-Courses, ½ yearly or so, depending on requirement and flexibility), prior hand-over.
  • We train our customers during System rigging, system familiarization, and most importantly, trouble-shooting.
  • We give Factory Standard Warranty as according to each manufacturer.
  • We give Contractual Service for maintenance (without charges, up to 1 year) and up keeping of your entire system.
  • All these are done as for one very important reason, ‘’ YOU’RE THE RIGHTFUL OWNER ‘’

Our Services

  • Distribution of Professional Sound , Lighting & Video equipment
  • Distribution of Recording Studio equipment
  • Audio Video System Design and Consultancy
  • Acoustic Treatment and Design and Consultancy