EDGE Acoustics

EDGE Acoustics is a manufacturer of professional audio systems. Our design philosophy is simple: Quality is essential, Value is essential. The designers at Edge Acoustics are seasoned audio professionals who actually use the products in the real world.

Over the years, we’ve seen sound system budgets dwindle while the requirements increase. Our challenge in designing our products was to figure out a way meet the market’s demand, without compromising the integrity of the solution. We assembled a team of expert designers from Germany and Korea, and partnered with the most advanced fabrication facilities from factory to accomplish this goal.

The result is an extraordinary product line that is very attractive to demanding professionals, yet surprisingly accessible to even the most price sensitive buyer. What sets Edge apart from the rest of the pack is that we are audio professionals! Many of the solutions we have engineered over the years have focused on delivering the highest performance at the most meager of budgets.