30D – D & B


channel Class D installation amplifiers. They are developed and
manufactured by d&b using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to
incorporate loudspeaker specific configurations and user definable
setups, equalization and delay functions. The amplifiers are
designed to drive applicable d&b loudspeakers and provide
comprehensive management and protection capabilities. These
high performance amplifiers provide the power density required for
installation purposes while the powerful signal processing extends
the level of functionality of the on-board features.
The onboard Web Remote interface features direct access via
Ethernet for initial startup and configuration as well as remote
control using a standard web browser. The front panel provides
status monitoring LEDs for either POWER, MUTE, DATA or signal
The user definable equalizer features two independent 16-band
EQ groups within each channel. These provide parametric, notch,
shelving and asymmetric filters as well as a graphic EQ (via the
d&b R1 Remote control software V2) allowing instant switching
between two EQ curves for comparison. The delay capability
covers a range of up to 10 s. All loudspeaker specific functions
such as CUT, HFA, HFC, CSA or CPL are available. The DSP unit of
the amplifier has a fixed latency of 0.3 ms.
The amplifiers enable up to eight input channels and provide four
analog inputs as well as four AES3 channels with corresponding
link outputs. Each input channel can be routed to any of the output
channels A to D. PhoenixTM Euroblock connectors A1-A4 are used
as analog inputs and link outputs, input connectors D1/2 – D 3/4
as digital inputs. Link outputs D1/2 and D3/4 are supplied as
digital outputs. This 1:1 ratio of inputs to amplifier output channels
increases flexibility of application, particularly for use as monitor,
frontfill or effect channels.
For applicable loudspeakers, d&b LoadMatch enables the
10D/30D amplifiers to electrically compensate for the properties
of the cable used to connect the loudspeakers to the amplifier
outputs. This function which covers a bandwidth of up to 20 kHz
preserves the tonal balance when cable lengths of up to 70 m
(230 ft) are used.
Due to its design LoadMatch does not require additional wires and
is therefore applicable with any connector type used.
To provide optimum compensation, cable length and crosssectional
data as well as the number of loudspeakers connected to
the amplifier channel must be entered on the amplifier.
The 10D/30D utilize a switch mode power supply with active PFC
to produce a clean current draw and ensure stable and efficient
performance under adverse mains conditions. The high power
capabilities provide increased power to fully drive all applicable
d&b loudspeaker cabinets and sufficient headroom for any future
10D/30D Front view
10D/30D User interface
10D/30D Rear view

  1. 10D/30D Concept
    d&b 10D/30D Manual 1.10 en 7
    Remote control and full system integration are realized using the
    d&b ArrayCalc simulation software and R1 Remote control
    software V2. The 10D/30D amplifiers include two Ethernet ports
    on RJ 45 connectors. Both, Ethernet and dbCAN protocols are
    incorporated. The Ethernet protocol implemented in the d&b R1
    Remote control software V2 and the 10D/30D amplifiers is a
    protocol developed by the OCA Alliance (Open Control
    Architecture Alliance), of which d&b is a founding member. For
    further details, please refer to the OCA website: