ADX10 – Lavalier Condenser Microphone


The ADX10 is a miniaturized condenser microphone designed for lavalier applications
such as speech, presentation and theatrical production. Known for its clarity,
resistance to feedback and ease of operation, the ADX10 has the ability to accurately
capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance of 4”-8”.
The ADX10 is characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern,
helping to isolate the area or section being miked from other vocals or instruments
on stage. With a smooth and accurate frequency range of 50 Hz – 18 kHz, the
ADX10 is lightweight and will provide natural sound with exceptional
transient response.
The ADX10, primarily for use with Audix wireless systems, includes a tie-clip, and a 3’
attached cable terminating to a mini-XLRf connector. The ADX10 may also be used as
a wired mic. Simply order the APS910 or APS911 phantom power adapter for use with
a standard mic cable.
MC10L – Metal clip with tension fit wire loop
P1 – Carrying pouch
WS10 – External foam windscreen
APS910 – Phantom power adapter
APS911 – Battery / Phantom power adapter with on off switch and bass roll-off
WS10S – Snap to fit external windscreen
Lavalier Condenser
·· Small, lightweight, low profile
·· Natural, accurate sound reproduction
·· Easy to use and set up
·· Field replaceable capsule
·· Available for wireless and wired applications
·· Speech
·· Flute
·· Acoustic instruments and hand drums