Amplifiers software – 20 D


Input routing
The D20 amplifier and D80 amplifier provide four analog inputs,
four digital AES3 channels and analog and digital link outputs,
all on XLR connectors� The digital input pairs contain independent
Sample Rate Converters (SRC)� Each input features a separate
input gain, meaning sources with various input sensitivities can
be used without requiring an external mixing device� Individual
inputs can be summed and routed to any of the four outputs�
System status monitoring
d&b amplifiers incorporate specific functions to check, monitor
and control a d&b system� The System check feature can verify
the status of a complete reinforcement system by measuring
the impedance of the connected loudspeakers� Each driver in
the system is checked and compared to the default impedance
values for each particular cabinet� This calibration ensures that
each loudspeaker performs within a tolerance band, and
indicates possible damage to system components� The Input
monitoring function can detect an incoming pilot signal
regardless of whether this input is routed to an output� The
Load monitoring function can detect a possible loudspeaker
malfunction� This feature automatically checks load impedance
to calculate individual driver status and report any failure�
The Fallback and Override features within the D20 and D80
amplifiers ensure that any secondary or emergency signal is
transmitted when required� The Fallback function ensures that
the device will switch from the program material to an alternative
source via a different input� The Override feature ensures that
any general message or emergency signal takes priority� Fallback
and Override can be triggered manually or automatically�
These functions ensure the d&b amplifiers are suitable for
applications specified to the requirements of evacuation systems
for emergency purposes�
Integrated Web Remote interface
The D20 and D80 amplifiers can be controlled via the integrated
web interface, which enables the Remote control of a single
device using a browser window� Once the amplifier is connected
to the d&b Remote network, an intuitive user interface becomes
available after the IP address of the device is entered into the
address bar of a web browser� Each amplifier in a system is
managed individually, meaning that a new window or tab will be
required for each device� The amplifiers can be accessed using
a mobile device if the network features a wireless access point�
The d&b amplifiers
Input gain