DS10 Audio Network Bridge


The d&b System reality.
One entirety, where each fits all.
From small beginnings to international regard: much has changed since d&b first produced sound reinforcement
solutions over thirty years ago, yet the d&b system philosophy has remained the same. This system approach
comprises loudspeakers, amplifiers, networking, software, transport and rigging accessories, and cabling solutions.
Designed to provide the optimum results by maximizing the performance of the complete d&b system, this approach
ensures reliability, consistency and efficiency. At the same time d&b offers integrated finance, service and support,
a knowledgeable distribution network as well as education and training. This is the d&b System reality.
The d&b workflow improves efficiency all the way from system planning to advanced remote control of the entire
d&b solution. The ArrayCalc simulation software accurately depicts the d&b system in any given space, faithfully
predicting the entire system performance. This data is used by the R1 Remote control software to automatically
generate a graphical user interface for the complete management of the system. Using the DS10 Audio network
bridge, audio and remote control data is transported via Ethernet from the mix position to the d&b amplifiers.
More than just a Dante interface.
The DS10 provides sixteen AES3 digital output channels and enables any Dante equipped device to seamlessly
connect with the d&b amplifiers. But this 1 RU device is more than just an interface; the DS10 features an integrated
5-port Ethernet switch, providing extended connectivity and advanced functions such as redundancy, VLANs and
multicast filtering. When connecting a laptop to one of these switch ports, the complete d&b system can be accessed
and controlled using the R1 Remote control software via Ethernet through the Open Control Architecture (OCA)
protocol. Both audio and remote control data can be combined and sent via one Ethernet cable.
The DS10 provides four AES3 digital input channels, and can act as an AES3 distribution device when in bypass
mode, increasing the flexibility for applications not using a Dante enabled console. Dante meta data including
channel labelling information is sent via the AES3 stream to the four channel d&b amplifiers, ensuring that routing
and troubleshooting is simple. The power supply is suitable for mains voltages 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, and
features Overvoltage protection of up to 400 V.