DSP- 360 – Digital processor


96KHz sampling frequency, internal 32-bit DSP processor,
24-bit AD/DA converter;
USB, RS-232 Connector and WIFI with PC software.
20 kinds of programs can be stored into device.
Each input and output channel is with 6 bands PEQ, Gain
(±20dB), output channel can be choose from Lo-shelf or
Slope of high cut and low-cut filter with the choice of 12dB,
18dB, 24dB or 48dB, and choose the type of X-Over: Bessel,
Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley;
Independent control of high and low pass filter.
Each channel for input and output has time delays, phase
and mute. All modules have a delay of up to 1000ms of
delay time. Unit of delay time can be choose from ms, m, or
Output channel contains gain, limiters and choose the input
signal channel. And choose several output channel then