E12 Series


The E4 and E5 are the littlest loudspeakers in the E-Series which
are specifically suited for near field applications featuring 4″ or
5″ LF drivers respectively and a coaxially mounted HF dome
tweeter� They produce a wide symmetrical directivity up to very
high frequencies�
The E6, larger E8 and even larger E12 and E12-D are high
performance multipurpose loudspeakers utilizing a patented
coaxial horn assembly that can be rotated without the need for
any special tools permitting changes to the dispersion angle
enabling deployment of these loudspeakers either vertically or
horizontally� The E6 and E8 employ a 6�5″ and 8″ coaxial driver
respectively with an HF compression driver mounted on the
unique rotatable horn assembly� Compared to the E4 and E5,
the slightly larger E6 has a greater SPL to size ratio yet still
provides a very compact reinforcement solution that inspires
through its sound quality and is also perfectly compatible with
the larger E8 and E12� The E8’s sound pressure level
capabilities when coupled with a subwoofer can realize
ambitious application possibilities� The E12 shares the same
physical, acoustical and mechanical design elements as the
smaller E8� The larger cabinet volume and a 12″ LF driver
provide a warm and full low frequency extension and higher
power capabilities� All other aspects of the loudspeaker are quite
simply scaled, allowing exactly the same broad range of
application possibilities� The E12-D is a wider dispersion version
of the E12 loudspeaker�
The E12X-SUB and E15X-SUB are lightweight, low profile,
bass-reflex subwoofers utilizing 12″ and 15″ long excursion
drivers respectively� They can be operated in two modes, an
active mode with a dedicated amplifier configuration, or passively
using the internal crossover connected in parallel with either an
E8 loudspeaker for the E12X-SUB or an E12 loudspeaker for the
E15X-SUB driven from a single amplifier channel�
The B4-SUB is a compact high performance cardioid
subwoofer utilizing two long excursion neodymium drivers in
an integrated cardioid setup to avoid unwanted energy behind
the system� This passive cardioid design can be operated from
a single amplifier channel�
B4 subwoofer
E4 loudspeaker E5 loudspeaker
E6 loudspeaker E8 loudspeaker E12/E12-D loudspeaker
E15X subwoofer
E12X subwoofer
The d&b software offering aides the entire system setup process�
The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software allows the virtual
optimization of loudspeaker line arrays, point source and column
loudspeakers as well as subwoofers and their adjustment to
venue conditions� The d&b NoizCalc immission modelling
software uses international standards to model noise immission
from one or more d&b loudspeaker systems� NoizCalc takes data
from ArrayCalc and calculates the sound propagation towards
the far field� The complete system configuration simulated in
ArrayCalc is assimilated by the d&b R1 Remote control
software into an intuitive graphical user interface to manage
the amplifiers, and loudspeakers, from anywhere in the venue�
d&b amplifiers are specifically designed for use with d&b
loudspeakers, and are at the heart of the d&b system approach�
These devices contain extensive Digital Signal Processing
capabilities to provide comprehensive loudspeaker management
and specific switchable filter functions to precisely target the
system response for a wide variety of applications� The four
channel D20 amplifier is specifically designed for mobile
events comprising medium sized sound reinforcement solutions�
The 10D amplifier and 30D amplifier both provide four
channels and are intended for integration within permanent
installations� The 10D is designed to drive smaller d&b
loudspeakers and applications requiring lower Sound Pressure
Levels whereas the high powered 30D is intended to drive all
d&b loudspeakers at medium to high SPLs� The dual channel
D6 amplifier is designed to provide low Sound Pressure Levels in
either mobile or installed applications� These amplifiers all
provide extensive user-definable equalization and delay
capabilities to fine tune the system for artistic taste�
The DS10 Audio network bridge provides 16 AES3 output
channels and interfaces between the Dante audio transport
protocol and the d&b amplifiers�
The DS100 Signal Engine is based on a specialized
rack mount 3 RU audio processor with Audinate Dante
networking� It provides a 64 x 64 audio matrix with level
and delay adjustments at all cross points� Additional software
modules provide dynamic source positioning and emulated