f90 – Condenser Instrument Microphone


The f90 is a cost effective miniature clip-on condenser microphone used for drum
and percussion applications. The f90 is intended for rehearsal bands, small clubs,
schools and Houses of Worship.
Characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern the f90 provides
a rich, full sound at distances of 3-4 inches off the drum head. With a smooth and
accurate response over a frequency range of 50 Hz – 18 kHz, the f90 is lightweight,
compact, and simple to use. The flexible gooseneck, along with the 90 degree angle
of the microphone head, puts the microphone in the proper position for placement
directly over the sound source. Final adjustments can be made by simply twisting or
bending the gooseneck into the desired position.
The f90 operates on phantom voltage of 9-52 Volts and is supplied with a phantom
power adapter, 6’ integrated mic cable, and foam windscreen.
6’ attached shielded cable with mini XLRf connector
APS910 – 48 V phantom power adapter for use with electret condenser microphones
WS90 – External foam windscreen for reducing wind, sibilance, and pop noise
Condenser Instrument
·· Low profile condenser clip-on microphone
·· Warm, natural sound reproduction
·· Tension fit clamping system for rim mounting
·· 3 year warranty
·· Rack toms, floor toms, snare drums
·· Hand percussion
·· Cymbals, percussion, brass