HT5 – Condenser Headworn Microphone


The HT5 is a professional pre-polarized headworn condenser microphone designed
for stage, presentation and broadcast applications. The HT5 is known for its excellent
sonic characteristics, intelligibility, low profile, high sensitivity and comfort.
Designed primarily for use with Audix wireless systems, the HT5 may also be used as a
wired mic. Simply order the APS910 or APS911 phantom power adapter for use with a
standard mic cable.
Characterized with a uniformly controlled omni-directional polar pattern, the HT5 is
designed to capture vocals from a comfortable distance of 2”-3” off axis. With a wide
frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, the HT5 will handle high sound pressure levels of
≥140 dB without distortion.
The HT5 is easy to position, lightweight and manufactured with high standards and
tight tolerances. Roadworthy construction includes a rubber coated steel alloy frame,
a high performance 5 mm capsule, black or beige finish, and a 3’ high quality cable
terminating in a mini 3-pin XLRf connector.
HT5 – Black headset mic only with a 3’ cable terminating with 3-pin mini XLR for use
with RAD360 Wireless.
HT5BG – Same as HT5 in beige
HT54PIN – Same as HT5 with 4-pin mini-XLR
HT5BG4PIN – Same as HT54PIN in Beige
3’ integrated mic cable with mini 3-pin XLRf connector
Windscreen – external foam windscreen for reducing wind, sibilance and pop noise
MCL5 – lapel clip/cable holder
APS910 – 48 V phantom power adapter for use with electret condenser microphones.
APS911 – Optional phantom power adapter for use with electret condenser
microphones. Runs on AA batteries when phantom power is not available. Features
on/off switch and bass roll-off filter.
Condenser Headworn Microphone
·· Hands free, headworn presentation microphone
·· Optimized for clear, accurate speech
·· Lightweight and low profile
·· Available in black and beige
·· 3 year warranty
·· Speech
·· Presentation
·· Vocal solos
·· Videography
·· Broadcast
·· Violin, flute