LCB1 – Logic Control Button


The LCB1 is a discrete button designed to remotely control the on-off functions of a
microphone (or other devices) when used in conjunction with a logic-enabled media
system for video and teleconferencing. Unobtrusively rising less than 3mm above the
surface of a table and only 32mm in diameter, the LCB1 features a precision machined
housing, a contact closure, and a 3-5 V DC logic controlled LED indicator. The LCB1
logic button is simple to install and does not require external power supplies, relays,
or extra resistors. Mechanically separate from the microphone, the LCB1 gives tactile
button response while keeping any potential noise out of the audio path.
The LCB1 gives the user the ability to have logic button functionality that is physically
separated from a microphone or table base. This affords the option of a table
microphone such as a gooseneck or boundary microphone to be positioned farther
from the conference table’s edge where the mic coverage can clear laptop screens
or other obstructions. In conjunction, the LCB1 can be positioned conveniently
near the edge of the conference table, allowing for easy reach and access to button
functionality. On/off or push to talk or push to mute selections can be programmed
at the DSP. In jobs where ceiling microphones are deployed, the LCB1 can be installed
to indicate when overhead mics are live or to mute a particular microphone or zone.
Logic Control Button