M1250B – Miniature Condenser Microphone


The M1250B is a miniaturized cardioid condenser microphone with a fully integrated
preamp, detachable cable and has RF immunity to prevent interference from cell
phone and GSM devices. The M1250B is also available with hypercardioid, omni or
shotgun capsules, giving the microphone the unique ability to be used in a wide
variety of live, studio and broadcast applications.
The M1250B is available with a wide array of clips and accessories allowing the
microphone to be used for acoustic instruments, choral miking, overhead stage
miking, podiums, conferences and presentations.
The M1250B mics are also available with white finish.
M1250BHC – Hypercardioid mic in black
M1250BO – Omnidirectional mic in black
M1250BS – Supercardioid mic in black
CBLM25 – 25’ cable with mini-XLRf – XLRm connectors
MCMICRO – Mic stand adapter
MCHANGER – Hanging clip
WS1218 – External foam windscreen
MICROBOOM – 24”, 50” or 84” carbon fiber boom arm with clutch assembly
MCSWIVEL – Shock mount adapter with ball and socket pivot for complete control
over mic positioning. For use with The MicrosTM
DCLAMPMICRO – Lug mount adapted for hand percussion instruments with
shockmount ring
DVICEMICRO – Drum rim mount attachment with shockmount ring
DFLEXMICRO – Wide jaw butterfly clip with shockmount ring
MC20i – Clamp on clip for Sax, Trumpet and other brass instruments
MGN Series – 6”, 12” or 18” gooseneck with base terminating in standard XLRm
ATS10 – Heavy duty shock absorbent table stand
·· Lightweight, small profile
·· Miniaturized preamp circuitry
·· No external power adapter needed
·· 12 mm gold vapor diaphragm
·· Immune to RF interference
·· Extremely low noise, high SPL handling
·· Designed, assembled, manufactured &
tested in the USA
·· 3 year warranty
·· Acoustic instruments
·· Ambient room miking
·· Symphonic area miking
·· Speech, Presentation
·· Cymbals, Percussion