M6 Stage Monitor


The 2-way passive MAX2 features a 15″ driver with a coaxially
mounted 1�4″ compression driver� The MAX2 is a stage monitor
with remarkable vocal presence and clarity; a neutral, balanced
sound; high feedback stability and sound pressure level
capabilities� The MAX2 monitor is passively crossed over, and
can be driven in dual channel mode using the specific setup in
a d&b amplifier or by any other appropriate linear power
amplifier� Specially designed runners prevent unwanted
movement when used as a stage monitor, while the integrated
pole mount makes the MAX2 suitable for small PA applications�
The M6 and M4 are low profile 2-way high performance
stage monitors employing an integrated 12″/1�3″ and 15″/1�3″
exit coaxial driver respectively, with a CD horn and passive
crossover network� The M6 and M4 distinguish themselves
through a remarkable midrange presence, the M4 additionally
through a dry and deep low end� Combined with excellent
feedback stability, high sensitivity and discreet designs they line
up perfectly with the d&b M2 state of the art monitor�
The M2 is the d&b definitive actively crossed over reference
stage monitor system� The bass-reflex enclosure is optimized for
minimal air compression and houses two 12″ LF drivers� The 1�4″
exit HF compression driver operates into a very low distortion
horn with a waveguide oriented design� This remarkable cabinet
achieves a constant directivity of 45° x 60° (h x v) above the
unusually low frequency of 600 Hz, resulting in substantial
feedback stability and a very direct voice reproduction� Finally,
its peak sound pressure level of 143 dB at 1m will satisfy even
the unhealthiest of SPL requests�
M6 monitor
MAX2 monitor
M4 monitor
M2 monitor
d&b remote software creates a flexible user interface for the
d&b user� The R1 Remote control software provides all features,
functions and controls available on the front of d&b amplifiers,
which can be remotely controlled and monitored� Service
functions enable firmware updates of the amplifiers as and when
these are available, whilst monitoring tools such as System check
verifies that the system performs within a predefined condition�
R1 Remote control software incorporates the equalizer of each
d&b amplifier channel within the software, to make adjustments
at any position�
d&b amplifiers are specifically designed for use with d&b
loudspeakers, and are at the heart of the d&b system approach�
These devices contain extensive Digital Signal Processing
capabilities to provide comprehensive loudspeaker management
and specific switchable filter functions to precisely target the
system response for a wide variety of applications� The four
channel D80 amplifier is intended for both mobile and
installation applications requiring the highest Sound Pressure
Levels� The four channel D20 amplifier is specifically designed
for mobile events comprising small to medium sound
reinforcement solutions� The installation specific four channel
30D amplifier is intended for rider driven live performance
spaces which require medium to high Sound Pressure levels�
These d&b amplifiers all provide four truly independent channels
as well as extensive user-definable equalization containing two
16-band equalizers with parametric, notch, shelving and
asymmetric filters�
The DS10 Audio network bridge provides 16 AES3 outputs
and interfaces between the Dante audio transport protocol and