M60 – Low Profile Boundary microphone


The M60 is a miniaturized condenser microphone with fully integrated electronics
and immunity from RF interference typically caused by cell phones and GSM devices.
Primary applications for the M60 are: podium, corporate board rooms, meetings and
video conferencing where aesthetics and audio quality are of prime importance. The
microphone element is cardioid by design; however a “hemi-cardioid” polar pattern is
produced when coupled with a flat surface such as a table, floor, wall or podium.
The striking design of the M60 brass housing is achieved through an intricate process
utilizing a computer controlled machining center. The bottom of the housing is
treated with a shock absorbent material for dampening purposes and has two
threaded holes that allow the M60 to be bolted into a permanent position if desired.
A high quality 12’ shielded mic cable is attached directly to the internal circuitry of the
M60 with the ability to exit the housing at either 180 or 90 degrees, depending on
whether the cable will be routed through a drilled surface. In addition, there are two
types of connectors offered: XLRm or terminal connectors.
Each microphone comes with a 12’ integrated cable terminating into a XLRm
(CONN170M or terminal connector (CONN170f)
M60 – Black with XLRm connector
M60P – Same as above with terminal connector
M60N – Satin nickel withXLRm connector
M60NP – Same as above with terminal connector
Low Profile Boundary
·· Optimized for voice
·· Immunity from RF interference
·· Extremely high sensitivity
·· Miniaturized integrated preamp circuitry
·· Proprietary low noise circuitry
·· Designed, machined, assembled & tested in
the USA
·· 3 year warranty
·· Video Conferencing
·· Board rooms
·· Podium
·· Courtroom