The GSL Series


GSL8 and GSL12 loudspeakers are acoustically matched and
constructed to be mechanically compatible sharing the same
vertical directivity, size, footprint, weight, rigging and driver
complement� The 2-Way active design features two 14″ LF
drivers, two side firing 10” LF drivers combining in a geometry
that creates unprecedented low frequency headroom which
couples towards the front to increase the LF output and cancels
towards the rear� The driver compliment is completed by one
hornloaded 10″ MF driver and three custom designed 1�4” exit
HF drivers with 3�4” voice coils in a compact format mounted to
a dedicated waveshaping device� The symmetrical arrangement
of the LF drivers around the centrally mounted coaxial MF and
HF components allows a smooth overlap of the adjacent
frequency bands in the crossover designs with the 14” LF drivers
being driven from one amplifier channel, while all other
components are passively crossed over and driven from a second
amplifier channel� The 80° horizontal directivity pattern of the
GSL8 is seamlessly maintained down to 45 Hz and its high
output capability can cover a distance range of over 100 m
(330 ft), depending on the climatic conditions� The GSL12 has a
wider horizontal dispersion pattern of 120° which is also
maintained down to 45 Hz�
The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB share the same width as the GSL8
and GSL12 loudspeakers, the SL-SUB is equipped with
compatible flying fittings, while the SL-GSUB is for ground stack
use only� The bass-reflex design uses three 21″ high excursion
drivers, one of which radiates to the rear to produce cardioid
subwoofer performance to avoid unwanted energy behind the
system� The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB extend the bandwidth of a GSL
System down to 30 Hz as well as increasing its headroom� The
SL-SUB and SL-GSUB can be deployed in conventional left and
right ground stacked setups as well as in distributed SUB arrays
to achieve an even venue specific coverage pattern�
The patented GSL System flying hardware and method enables
rapid deployment of GSL8 and GSL12 arrays directly from the
Touring cart in either compression or tension rigging modes� For
the compression mode, a straight array is flown from the Touring
carts, a hoist or hand winch is then used to curve the array to the
defined splay angles� Designed to fit within standard shipping
container and truck sizes, the GSL Touring cart accommodates
four GSL8 or GSL12 loudspeakers, including flying frames�
DS10 Audio network bridge
GSL8 loudspeaker
D80 amplifier
GSL12 loudspeaker
DS100 Signal Engine
The d&b ArraySight laser inclinometer fits to the GSL flying
frame, PoE is provided over an Ethernet connection which also
relays data from on-board temperature and humidity sensors
back to the R1 Remote control software using the OCA/AES70
protocol� All GSL System loudspeakers are finished with a PCP
(Polyurea Cabinet Protection) coating that provides resistance for
mobile systems to the adverse effects on cabinets in changing
ambient outdoor conditions�
The d&b software offering aides the entire system setup process�
The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software allows the virtual
optimization of loudspeaker line arrays, point source and column
loudspeakers as well as subwoofers and their adjustment to
venue conditions� The d&b NoizCalc immission modelling
software uses international standards to model noise immission
from d&b loudspeaker systems� NoizCalc takes data from
ArrayCalc and calculates the sound propagation towards the far
field� The complete system configuration simulated in ArrayCalc
is assimilated by the d&b R1 Remote control software into
an intuitive graphical user interface to manage the amplifiers,
and loudspeakers, from anywhere in the venue�
d&b amplifiers are specifically designed for use with d&b
loudspeakers, and are at the heart of the d&b system approach�
These devices contain extensive Digital Signal Processing
capabilities to provide comprehensive loudspeaker management
and specific switchable filter functions to precisely target the
system response for a wide variety of applications� The four
channel D80 amplifier is intended for both mobile and
installation applications requiring the highest Sound Pressure
Levels� The d&b Dx amplifiers all provide extensive user-definable
equalization containing two 16-band equalizers with parametric,
notch, shelving and asymmetric filters as well as delay
capabilities of up to 10 seconds�
The DS10 Audio network bridge provides 16 AES3
outputs and interfaces between the Dante audio transport
protocol and the d&b amplifiers�
The DS100 Signal Engine is a specialized rack mount 3 RU
audio processor with Audinate Dante networking� It provides a
64 x 64 audio matrix with level and delay adjustments at all
cross points� Additional software modules provide source
positioning and emulated acoustics functions�