TM1 – Test & Measurement Microphone


The TM1 is a 6 mm pre-polarized condenser microphone used for test and
measurement applications. The TM1 is known for its linearity, accurate response,
consistency, ease of use and affordability.
Characterized with a uniformly controlled omni-directional polar pattern, the TM1 is
designed to capture acoustic measurements for room analysis software programs,
real time analyzers and other sound control devices. With a flat frequency range of 20
Hz – 25 kHz, the TM1 is an excellent tool for sound engineers, sound companies and
recording enthusiasts.
Requiring 18 – 52 Volts phantom power for operation, the TM1 features a precision
machined 4-stage brass body and capsule housing, nickel plate finish, Switchcraft ® or
Audix XLR, shock absorbent O-rings and heavy duty snap to fit mic clip.
DCLIP – Heavy duty tension fit mic clip
P1 – Carrying pouch
CBL20 – 20’ XLR-XLR quad conductor mic cable
SMT19 – Shock mount clip
SMT25 – Shock mount system
TM1CA4231 – Calibration adapter
TRIPOD – Tripod mic stand
WSTM1 – Threaded windscreen
Test & Measurement
·· 6mm pre-polarized condenser capsule
·· Hi SPL response
·· Precision machined brass housings
·· Low noise electronics
·· Replaceable electronics and capsule
·· 3 year warranty
·· Test and measurement
·· Real time analyzers
·· Room analysis software programs
·· Ambient room miking