z1000- Digital karaoke processor


Digital Karaoke
2 inch LCD colorful Screen, CH/EN display, crossed
navigation keys to ensure easy and quick operations;
5.1channels digital balanced outputs, music stereo, plus
and minus 7 levels highly acoustic fidelity lifting modulation;
Special design of Limiter for MIC inputs, effectively prevent
broken sound, 5 levels feedback inhibition;
7 bands PEQ for Music, 10 bands PEQ for MIC separate two
line inputs, and HPF/LPF;
HPF/LPF, 3 bands PEQ for Effect input;
3bands PEQ, HPF/LPF, input selectable and mixing rate,
polarity, gain, limiter for Main output;
3bands PEQ, HPF/LPF, input selectable and mixing rate,
polarity, gain for Center output;
3bands PEQ, polarity, gain for SUB output;
Adopting professional 200MHz 4core independent
processing DSP processor chip,48KHz sampling
frequency,24-bit A/D and D/A converter;
PC software makes operating easy and quick by
connecting the device to computer by USB;
13 groups system memories, including 6 groups of preset, 6
groups of self effect, 1group Dance, and the boot data are
the last saved parameters;
2 levels lock function, set the lock level as per your need.
Singing/hot-dancing mode switches automatically;

Hot-dancing data saved in DanceData;